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Tired of Always Dealing with Version & Dependency Errors?

Docker Offers a Better Way to Build and Distribute Your Applications

I get it. You're a software developer who is constantly let down by programming language version managers such as rvm, rbenv, nvm, virtualenv and phpbrew. Every time you try to update or create a new project, you're stuck battling those tools all day. You also dread moving your app to production or another machine.

Or maybe you're an ops manager and your developers just handed you a new project to deploy. The only problem is the last 15 commits are "fix stuff" and when you try to run it on your staging server (or worse production!), you get barraged by errors.

The best answer you can get from your developers is "it works for me!", and now you're stuck having to assimilate yourself into the ecosystem of whatever stack your developers used for the project. Oops, there goes 2 weeks of your time.

Docker fixes these problems and more. Docker makes it easy to deal with multiple active versions of your favorite language, and getting things running in production becomes a breeze because your app gets built into shiny self contained packages. All you have to do is move them from one environment to the next and you're good to go.

Are you ready to let Docker make you productive? Dive Into Docker is a course that was carefully crafted to teach you everything you need to know about Docker to start using it in your own projects.

If you're looking for a place to get started with Docker then do yourself a favor and look no further.

Nick did an excellent job of filtering through the challenges that come along with learning a new technology like Docker and distilled exactly what I needed to put myself in a position to be successful.

I've taken a few courses with Nick and the reason I keep coming back is his passion for software development, his desire to share his knowledge with others, and his strong ability to do so.

He's dedicated to his craft, always available, and makes software development, and Docker in particular, FUN! Thank you Nick for sharing your passion with the rest of the world. I can't wait to see what you have to offer next!

Jeremy C., Build and Release Engineer

Who Is This Course For?

Anyone who wants to learn all about Docker. You could be a web developer, sysadmin, operations manager, or part of an IT / testing / QA team.

No prior Docker knowledge is necessary to start.

What You'll Learn

  • Understand what Docker is and isn't
  • Install Docker on MacOS, Windows & Linux
  • Understand Docker's ecosystem
  • Master Docker in development
  • Master Docker Compose in development
  • How to "Dockerize" your own web applications

What You'll Get

  • Stream and download 44 DRM-free videos
  • Source code for a basic "Dockerized" web app
  • Source code for a microservices based web app
  • Starter projects for 7 different web frameworks
  • Notes that you can download and reference
  • Private forum to ask questions and get answers

Understand Docker and Then Get Plenty of Practice Using It

Learn by Doing. Just Enough Theory, Combined with Tons of Real Examples

1. Understand Docker

After the first 5 sections, you'll know the answers to:

  • Why should I use Docker and what problems does it solve?
  • What's the difference between a Virtual Machine and Docker Container?
  • How does Docker work under the hood?
  • What's the difference between Docker Community and Enterprise Edition?
  • What's the difference between Docker Toolbox & Docker for Mac / Windows?
  • How can I install Docker and perform a "Hello World"?
  • What is a Docker image and Docker container?
  • How does the Docker build process work?

2. Practice using Docker / Docker Compose

After finishing the course, you'll know the answers to:

  • How do I apply Docker to a simple web application?
  • How can I build, push and run Docker images?
  • How can I save and share data between containers?
  • How does networking work with Docker?
  • How can I optimize my Docker images?
  • What is Docker Compose and how do I use it?
  • How can I manage a large multi-service web app with Docker Compose?
  • How can I use Docker for my own web applications?

3. Apply Docker to Your Favorite Web Frameworks

Source Code Examples That You Can Start Using Right Away


Trying to learn Docker alone was a daunting task. I've been writing software for 30 years and while I do have some ops experience, I just couldn't wrap my head around Docker until I met Nick and completed his course. The way he explained how Docker works, and all of the examples really tied it all together.

Thanks to this course, it didn't take long to build and run my own Rails app with Docker. Huzzah!

Scott J., Software Engineer

Docker Is Taking the World by Storm

Docker Job Popularity Is Sky Rocketing and So Are Salaries


Docker Software Engineer base salaries start at $128,667 USD

Docker's in more demand and is even more profitable for employment in 2022!


Hi, I'm Nick Janetakis

I've helped over 10,000+ folks learn Docker since 2015.

During that time, I've answered 4,000+ questions & did 2,000+ hours of Docker related contract work. HTTPS with Let's Encrypt & Build a SAAS App With Flask are my other courses.


I'm Also a Docker Captain

Docker personally reached out to me to join their team as a trusted content provider and community leader. I'm not on their payroll and it hasn't impressed the ladies (yet!?), but it does mean that 1 or more Docker engineers looked at my content and awarded me the title.

What does all of that mean for you? You can sleep well at night knowing that the course was created by someone that Docker vouched for.


This Course Is Based on Real Feedback

Dive Into Docker is the result of listening to feedback from thousands of my students, and from there, I've created a Docker course that is packed with practical examples and tons of best practices. All of which is forged from years of real world experience.

Yep, I Answer Support E-Mails on the Weekend

You'll Never Get Stuck Because I'm Always Around to Answer Your Questions

Course Curriculum

9 Sections | 44 Videos | 5 Hours

1. Is Docker Right For You? 15 minutes
1.1 Course Introduction
1.2 Docker's Biggest Wins
1.3 Why I Got Started With Docker
1.4 Making an Informed Decision
2. Preparing for This Course 10 minutes
2.1 Introduction
2.2 Accessing this Course's Files
2.3 Asking Excellent Questions
3. Understanding Docker 20 minutes
3.1 Introduction
3.2 Virtual Machines vs Docker Containers
3.3 VMs vs Docker Containers in the Real World
3.4 Visualizing Docker's Architecture
4. Installing Docker 20 minutes
4.1 Introduction
4.2 Docker Community Edition vs Docker EE
4.3 Installing Docker on Linux, macOS and Windows
4.4 Verifying You Have Docker Installed
5. Discovering Docker 25 minutes
5.1 Introduction
5.2 Hello World with Docker
5.3 Docker Images and Containers
5.4 Downloading and Storing Docker Images
5.5 Explaining the Docker Build Process
6. Docker in the Real World 2 hours
6.1 Introduction
6.2 A Simple Web Application With Docker
6.3 Creating a Dockerfile (Part 1)
6.4 Creating a Dockerfile (Part 2)
6.5 Running Docker Containers
6.6 Building and Pushing Docker Images
6.7 Live Code Reloading With Volumes
6.8 Debugging Tips and Tricks
6.9 Linking Containers With Docker Networks
6.10 Persisting Data to Your Docker Host
6.11 Sharing Data Between Containers
6.12 Optimizing Your Docker Images
6.13 Running Scripts When a Container Starts
6.14 Cleaning Up After Yourself
7. Docker Compose in the Real World 45 minutes
7.1 Introduction
7.2 Why Is It Worth Learning Docker Compose?
7.3 Adding Docker Compose Support to Our Web App
7.4 Managing Our Web App With Docker Compose
7.5 Docker Compose API v1 / v2 / v3
7.6 Managing Microservices with Docker Compose
8. Dockerizing Your Web Applications 10 minutes
8.1 Introduction
8.2 General Tips for Dockerizing Any Web App
8.3 Ruby on Rails / Ruby Starter Project
8.4 Flask / Python Starter Project
8.5 Django / Python Starter Project
8.6 Express / NodeJS Starter Project
8.7 Laravel / PHP Starter Project
8.8 Golang Starter Project
8.9 C# / .NET Starter Project
9. Where to Go Next 10 minutes
9.1 Congrats on Finishing This Course
9.2 Deploying and Scaling Docker

I have been working on a Flask project running on Docker for months and until now had very little knowledge of how things actually fit together in Docker. This course was flawless in explaining every segment in detail while keeping it easy to follow along and learn.

It wasn't until the section on combining micro-services running in different languages that I finally realized how powerful Docker is. Whether you're completely new to Docker or would like to understand Docker in far greater detail, I cannot recommend this course enough.

Brian K., Web Developer

Action Packed Videos Without the Fluff

Enjoy Fast Paced Videos That Don't Bog You Down With Unnecessary Details

Here's What You'll Get
Download and Stream 1080p HD DRM-free Videos
Lifetime access to all 9 Sections
Lifetime access to all 44 Video Lectures
~5 Hours of Content
17 Follow Along Labs
16 Self Guided Challenges
Private forums to ask questions and get answers
24 / 7 support so you don't get stuck
Reference guide as self hosted HTML notes
Complete source code examples for all labs
7 "Dockerized" web framework starter projects
Free updates for life
365 day money back guarantee, 100% risk free
Get the Course | $79 $49

Looking for a team license discount or personalized training? Contact me at nick.janetakis@gmail.com.

The one thing I look for when learning new technologies is how they work under the hood. The step by step instructions going from the bottom to the top while giving me a full overview of the stack gave this course that little extra I've missed in courses from other Docker instructors.

I have been through very few learning experiences that were this thorough.

After learning other technologies through other means I always found that I had to dig up lots of documentation, without knowing where to start, when something inevitably stopped working and I had to debug it. Not with this course: Nick not only teaches you how to use Docker, but also how to troubleshoot Docker problems and research solutions.

Also, when there was reading involved on camera, the text highlighting and zooming was done brilliantly; it was very helpful and you can tell Nick spent a lot of time polishing the videos.

The bottom line is, I feel like I understand Docker well enough to use it in production. Thank you!

Dennis E., Freelance Developer

Frequently Asked Questions

Do You Have Questions? No Worries, I Have Answers

This All Sounds Great, but $49?

I'm confident you'll make a 10x return on investment from this course.

Docker related salaries are well over $100,000 / year and after completing this course you'll definitely be employable as a "Docker enabled" Engineer. That gives you a 2,000x ROI just from your first year of employment.

If working a full time gig isn't your thing, you can take the knowledge from this course and start doing freelance work where you can help people and companies adopt Docker. Most freelancers in this space can comfortably charge $100 / hour, so with just 1 hour of billed work you've doubled your investment.

Then there's your own time and sanity. Sure, you can learn some of what you'll get in this course from hundreds of scattered blog posts but do you really want to spend the next 6 months of your life doing that? Dive Into Docker lays everything out on a silver platter for you to consume Docker in 1 coherent learning experience.

For reference, this course took me over 350 hours to create (that's $35,000 worth of consulting time), and I was only able to begin creating it after spending the last 2.5 years of my life using and teaching Docker.

Also, think about this. With 5 hours of video content, you're investing $10 bucks an hour for each hour of video. In terms of hourly cost, going to the movies is more expensive and a movie won't help you make money. Plus you get to watch this course as much as you want since you have lifetime access.

How Does the Sign Up Process Work?

It's so easy that you'll be watching your first video in about 60 seconds.

After clicking the get the course button you'll be taken to a form where you'll fill out your name, email and password. Then you'll be asked for your billing details. This creates an account on my platform.

After filling out that short form, you'll be immediately taken to the course back-end where you can either binge watch the entire course in an afternoon, or take it at whatever pace works best for your schedule.

It's also worth mentioning that I use Stripe or PayPal to process all payments. Your billing details are safely processed and stored on their servers, not mine.

Is This Course Worth It if I'm Not a Developer?

If you're looking to learn how to use and apply Docker then the TL;DR is yes.

While it's true, the course's tag line is "The Complete Docker Course for Developers" but that doesn't mean you should walk away if you're not a developer. This course is aimed at software developers, sysadmins, operations managers, or anyone in an IT / testing / QA role.

The reason I included "developers" in the tag line is because the emphasis of this course is on learning core Docker and Docker Compose features. These are things anyone will need to know if they plan to use Docker, and it just so happens we deal with them in the context of development mode.

Out of the 5 hours of content included in this course, only a few minutes go over web application source code and I'm extremely confident anyone who is interested in learning Docker will be able to understand it, regardless of what programming language(s) you know (if any).

This course is designed to teach you both the "why" and the "how", so you'll be able to apply what you learn here to whatever use case suits you best. That could be Dockerizing a web application in your web framework of choice or managing containers in a QA role, etc..

What Can I Expect in Terms of Video Quality?

All videos were recorded at 1920x1080 (1080p).

If you stream the videos you'll have an option of watching them at 1080p, 720p or 480p.

Also, this is the 5th course I've recorded. At this point I've put in close to 1,000 hours of recording and editing. I am very comfortable with the tools I use.

This course was recorded with a studio grade microphone and I'm using serious business headphones to edit everything. There are no disgusting mouth noises, or heavy breathing going on in my videos. I'm proud to say this is the highest quality course I've ever produced.

Can I Make Money Off Your Starter Projects?

Yes, please make millions off of them!

I want you to walk away being very confident using Docker in the real world, but more importantly I also want to give you high quality starter projects that you can use to jump start your Dockerized web applications.

You have my full permission to use these starter projects for any client work you do. So feel free to take one of the starter projects and use it as a base for a $10,000 solution that you sell to a client.

The only limitation is that you're not allowed to distribute anything publicly. For example, please don't post them on your GitHub page or any other public location. This goes for any of the course's content!

Is Docker Really That Useful?

I wouldn't waste my time using it if it weren't.

You might be thinking "ok well, this Nick dude is obviously pushing Docker because he's trying to sell a course", but I use Docker for my own projects and I've been living and breathing Docker since mid-2014. Also I do consulting sessions where people ask me to help them implement Docker into their projects.

I haven't seen this type of general interest in a tool since the early days of Rails. Docker is here to stay and my motivation for making this course is to share everything I've learned about using Docker in development so you can start using and enjoying it.

What if I Don't Love the Course?

You have a 365 day money back guarantee, 100% risk free.

I want to make sure you're very happy with the course. The last thing I'm trying to do is trick you into buying something. I only want your money if you found real value from taking the course.

If you're not satisfied, then shoot me an e-mail at nick.janetakis@gmail.com and I will refund you.

Excellent course! I am learning so much about Docker. I love the pace and the structure of the lessons, and the information is provided in the context of using Docker in real-life scenarios. Nick is very responsive and you can feel his enthusiasm for the subject matter. I wouldn't hesitate recommending this course to people who want to know more about Docker.

There are quick challenges at the end of videos, which is awesome, giving learners hands-on experience and reinforces what you just watched.

This course is brilliant! Every question that pops into my mind is immediately answered by Nick as if by magic.

Great explanations with a healthy level of hands on vs theory.

This course made me a rockstar at work.

Very clear and to the point explanations. This is the best place to get started with Docker!

I loved how easy it was to understand and love all the little bits of humor that kept me alert!

Good pace with utmost clarity at each level. I'm new to Docker and this is the best course. I'm glad I found it.

This course covered the key points that I was struggling with after playing with Docker for several days on my own. The instructor was easy to understand and covered the topics I needed to understand. I will definitely check out his other courses.

Relevant information and Nick is an engaging presenter.

Nick speaks and explains concepts clearly, has a sense of humor and assumes you know nothing.

Nick always knows what's in my mind and answers every question in a correct way.

Nick is very understandable, speaks great English and explains things understandably for audiences at all knowledge levels!

Nick is AWESOME. It's like learning from your coolest teammate.

One of the best Docker courses I've seen. Lots of real life applicable scenarios.

Really detailed and well explained course for staring to work with Docker!

You cannot go wrong with any courses from Nick!! I'm learning so much.

Great course, probably one of the best Docker Courses I have found for understanding the Docker basics.

I'm grateful to have found this course. It's well organized, Nick's voice is clear and it's at a good pace. Lots of hands-on. Nick is definitely passionate about the subject and about delivering great content. I wasn't happy with other courses I tried; this course nailed it for me. He's working on a real case, real app here and not just "lets explore this command". Hope to see more courses by Nick.

Nick is able to perfectly blend humor with in-depth technical explanations and teaching. He also always seems to think through his lessons as if he was the one taking them and adds extra info based on that, which makes for a much nicer experience.

Nick seems to know exactly what the learner would wonder about Docker and its features at every step, and always answers what you're thinking in the easiest way. Thank you so much for making this awesome course!

Everything is explained so well with very clear logic.

memes xD

Perfect speed and knowledgeable instructor. Nick doesn't wander and say a bunch of ums or uhs. He's thoughtful in his approach, puts in the right and relevant content and makes it easy for the student to understand and consume.

Awesome material.

Docker is such a dry subject, but the teacher is a fun!

Love his explanations and the editing thrown in to keep us focused.

Very professional. Excellent material. Great structure. Super support. Nick is a very competent instructor. In short: I loved everything about this course. Encourages to experiment and explore, and not just stick to the information explained. It provides visual help to follow the activity on the screen. Provides a lot of extra (optional) information / tools.

Great course, Nick lays this out in a very logical fashion.

This is one of the best courses I have came across this year.

Step by step learning provided and I actually loved the way Nick presents his content and gives challenges.

Straight forward and methodical explanation: I like it.

Nick's classes are awesome and funny. His funny way of teaching cuts through the boredom and wanting to be lazy.

Incredibly good hands-on course! So far it's the best course I've taken!

I'm surprised the course was so helpful! Before I took the course I was baffled by Docker; now I can keep up with my peers.

Just need one word... Excellent!

Good energy, speaking voice and humor.

Very good teacher, great experience and also very responsive on support. The course is clear and has a good pace.

Take this course! This has been the first course that has engaged me from beginning to end and seeing it all work on my own computer was amazing! You will learn Docker and be equipped to learn about the 5% of edge cases that it doesn't cover from the documentation because this course explains all the concepts so that you can understand them well. Nick is a great teacher and very responsive to questions.

This guy has a real ability to communicate. The course is very well structured and well thought through. This course is an excellent intro to Docker.

Very easy to follow. Good ordering of the topics. Nice balance between detail and high-level, never going too deep for no reason or skimming something important.

Very interactive and presented with a sense of humor. More practical and hands on as well, instead of lecturing a lot.

Clear and funny, really good learning material.

Nick's teaching approach is excellent, everything is explained thoroughly.

Nick has jokes and they are really clear when it comes to communicating a topic.

Clear instructions, great way of teaching. Enjoying the course a lot! Many thanks =)

Everything is explained very well, and I love the memes. It makes it actually interesting to listen to.

Nick's course is a great introduction to the Docker ecosystem. I've dabbled with Docker before but only now, after finishing the course, I feel like I've got a solid grasp on all the fundamentals. The pace was just right and all the examples are immediately applicable in the real world. Before even finishing the course, I was able to jump into one of my Rails apps and use the skills I've learned to get everything up and running. Thoroughly recommended, keep it up, Nick!

Nick is awesome in the way he explains things.

Really clear definition of each process. Clearly outlines how to manage Docker. Also, the memes are great.

I would say it's all Nick and his ability to be clear and simple in everything.

The best Docker course and the best tutor.

While there is a ton of information to cover, it's delivered in smaller pieces so the learner can handle it. Well done.

I love the small pieces of humor injected into the material (visuals / sounds).

I did an earlier course by Nick and like it a lot, but this course shows how much he has improved.

Crisp, clean presentation with a good sense of humor.

Great course! Instructor is very knowledgeable and covers material in detail, I highly recommend this course.

This is another great course from Nick. His explanations about Docker are comprehensive and it's obvious that he's put a lot of effort into it. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone wanting to learn about Docker.

My teacher recommended this course alongside our in class material. He mentioned how great Nick was and the moment I started this course I found it to be wonderful. Great instructor, great material, great course!

Excellent course, that's it. This course is recommended for a beginner and someone who really wants to dive into Docker. Great job Nick.

Great content, lab-based and I love the instructor's quirky sense of humor.

Nice voice, interactive and funny. I really enjoy this course so far.

It's nice hearing Nick be more animated in this latest course. He's obviously having more fun with it.

Focuses on the main points without getting lost in the complexity of Docker's myriad of options.

Good content, pace, and humor. Well crafted and good support.

The course is very valuable and good. It doesn't just give you knowledge but it also builds an extremely solid foundation so you can face real world tasks or scenarios which helps you to get jobs. Nick! All the best for the future and God bless you.

Just enough humor to keep it interesting. Love the use of diagrams and other analogies to explain things and defintely the more labs the better for me.

Guy is funny.

One of the best Docker courses!

Nick is a very good instructor who takes you from not knowing Docker and gently adds complexity without totally overwhelming you.

So good. Fantastic introductory step by step course on Docker.

This is the first tutorial of any kind that has helped me make progress with Docker.

Very clear explanations. Nick is clearly an SME (Subject Matter Expert).

The instructions are remarkably clear and precise. Nick anticipates most, if not all of the problems a student might encounter on Windows, Mac, or Linux. I'm learning fast and efficiently.

Nick is a very good instructor and his training helped me to understand how Docker works. He was talking at the right pace and made the course funny and easy to learn. He was using real examples which is a bonus as this helped me to better understand how Docker works and how to implement what I learned to my own work.

I'm an absolute beginner. Though this course is short, it helped me get an overview of how to use Docker within a day. Very effective! Highly recommend for beginners.

Excellent course. Comprehensive, understandable, and applicable. Examples are sufficient to demonstrate real-world use and facilitate applying what is learned outside of the course.

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