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What is Docker?

Docker is a complete toolset that lets you:

  • Package up applications in a consistent way
  • Build, test, debug and deploy your apps
  • Distribute and scale your applications
  • Ship your code more often (since it's so easy)

What is Dive Into Docker?

It is a learning platform that will take you from not knowing what Docker is to becoming a Docker expert.

The first course in the series also happens to be called Dive Into Docker too. This is your entry point to learning what Docker is, and how to use it.

Is Docker Right for You?

Probably! Docker is very useful for local development, deploying 1 app to 1 server and having large teams deploy many apps to thousands of servers.

Docker will save you a tremendous amount of time by easily solving "well, it works for me!" problems.


Hi, I'm Nick Janetakis

I've helped over 10,000+ people learn Docker since 2015.

During that time, I've answered 3,000+ questions and have done 50+ hours of 1 on 1 live video consultations where I helped train individuals and teams on how to use Docker.


I'm Also a Docker Captain

Docker personally reached out to me to join their team as a trusted content provider and community leader. I'm not on their payroll and it hasn't impressed the ladies (yet!?), but it does mean that 1 or more Docker engineers looked at my content and vouched for me.

What does that mean for you? You can sleep well at night knowing that the content on this site has Docker's seal of approval.


Dive Into Docker Is Based on Real Feedback

Dive Into Docker is the result of listening to feedback from thousands of my students, and from there, I've created a Docker learning platform that is packed with practical examples and tons of best practices. All of which is forged from years of real world experience.

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